How does it work?

The GentleMax laser treatment tightens the skin by transferring heat to the deepest layers of the skin. The non-ablative (non invasive) laser gently heats the dermis (deep layer of skin) resulting in a gradual, no downtime, healing response. This process then causes fibroblasts to stimulate the precursors of collagen, elastin, and other proteins. By activating enough of your own collagen source, wrinkles and sagging skin can diminish within weeks after the treatment. Think of the process as rebuilding the foundation of the building. New collagen results in smoother, younger looking skin. Treatments which work on just the skin’s surface (creams and lotions) do not do anything to restore the collagen in the layers beneath.

When will I see results?

Some patients have reported that they can see results in just a few days after treatment; however, the optimum results occur anywhere from 4-6 months after the treatment. If recommended, a second or third treatment may be done approximately 3-4 weeks apart. As gravity and the aging process naturally take place, the skin looses its youthful appearance, but this treatment is a great alternative to a surgical facelift.

How many treatments are needed?

Although you will notice an improvement with just one treatment, We recommend a minimum of four treatments for more significant results.

How will my skin look right after Skin Tightening?

Immediately after treatment, the patients’ skin will be red and in some cases tighter than usual for approximately two days. Mild swelling is also normal right after the treatment. After the first two days, patient’s can expect light peeling and mild lip dryness. Most patients can apply makeup later that day or the following day. The downtime is very minimal.